New Age Spirits From The Underworld

by Fek and the Future Friends of Sound


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Fek and the Friends, including the Van Impe's and others, lead an investigation into the occult powers of the New Age and New World Order with the following as guiding questions and goals:

1. Is the "new age" really new... or an ancient deception fomenting rebellion against God?
2. How to recognize the demonic origins of the various branches of the "New Age Movement."
3. The basic blasphemy behind all "new age" teachings, including dozens of definite scriptural warnings.
4. Will the "New Age Movement" propel the Antichrist (666) to power for the formation of a final world government?

As part of an ongoing investigation into the 'Future Church' these questions remain open and unanswered. The escalating synchronicities tell us only one thing: Something catastrophic is right around the corner and it sounds hungry.


released April 12, 2014

Recorded and Mastered at Ronerberg North, CA.

Cassettes available through Ronerberg Records.



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