Gin and Tonikhan

by Triptonikhan


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Whether you're sitting down for a triangle of bar liquid or drinking from an open mountain stream, there's nothing quite like the barrage of nature smashing you in the face over and over again. That's why we use Gin and Tonikhan to relax, man. After a whole month of swimming a lake, you better believe I'm the one, and I am here to rock. The things I've seen would make dinosaurs drink their own salty crocodile tears. Bottled music. Pour up a glass. Get you a drink?
Ayo, and peep that bonus track "MY CLUB FEET" meng. First single to feature my main man :
More to come from him in the future. Stay tuned like a fork, yadida?



released September 7, 2014

All music composed by Scott Hanshew

Featuring the improv guitar, rapping, and extra drippys of Jordan Schmidt (No Jet Left, via records) on 'ON THE ROX' and the lyrical styles of Triple B on 'Gin and Tonikhan'



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